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If you find yourself in paradise during the winter, this hot spot should definitely be on your "must see" list! Known for fantastic, big waves and even better winds, you'll get a front row seat to some of the best kite surfing and wind surfing on the island. WARNING: Don't surf here! This is for professionals only.

This spot gets a lot of attention because the reef system stretches across the whole bay allows excellent, well-shaped waves to break. The steady winds on the North shore make this location a world-renowned windsurfing destination.

Ho'okipa means "hospitality," but don't let that fool you. This spot isn't an open invitation for anyone to paddle out. Not only can the waves get pretty massive, this is definitely a well-known locals spot. If you feel like trying your hand at riding a few of these giant waves, make sure you're experienced and you are able to go out with a local.

If you choose to sit on the sidelines and watch the action, there are picnic tables and an observation deck to take advantage of. There is usually a food truck or two that keep the crowds happy with local cuisine and fresh coconuts. If you happen to see green sea turtles or monk seals on the beach, do not approach the! Watch them from up on the cliff lookout.

This beach isn't known for being a great swimming beach, so don't plan on taking a leisurely soak here. This beach is all about action and daring stunts on surfboards! Definitely worth stopping on your way to Hana!, especially if the waves are big. A lot of visitors make the mistake of trying to drive down to Peahi, AKA JAws, when it's breaking. Bad idea. They get stuck in the mud and stuck with a pretty massive tow bill. A friend of ours got stuck and had to wait all day for a tank-like vehicle to get them out. It cost them over a thousand dollars too... Stick to the lookout area at Hookipa, where you can watch the waves from the cliff. Save and easy!

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