Road to Hana Tours - Hana Tour Tips

1. Wear something comfortable

Choose a Luxury Van Tour with no more than 12 passengers per vehicle. Hana and Beyond tours vehicles offer big panoramic windows, climate controlled interiors, and a stress free ride along the windy Road to Hana. You'll be spending much of the day driving, so be comfortable. Also, bring a swim suit, These luxury vans make stops where you have the opportunity to swim in fresh water pools and beaches along the way for those who want to cool off.

2. Bring a fully-charged camera - or phone which can take great photos

When driving your seat is elevated to give a great view for photographs while traveling the Road to Hana giving you opportunities to shoot great photos all day. As you stop at each scenic area, you'll want a camera to take photos. Make sure it's charged and ready to capture some of the most breathtaking scenery in Hawaii!

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3. Book here for the best price and best experience!

Book your Road to Hana tour with the calendar below to have born and raised guides from Hana take you to their home town of Hana and beyond! This is the complete tour of Hana, including waterfalls, incredible ocean views, swimming at a black sand beach, introduction to the best banana bread on Maui, and driving through what's considered the "grand Canyon" of Maui.

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Hana Tours

Have Hana locals that truly know the best of Hana show you their home and beyond!

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Skyline Hawaii

With courses at both Haleakala and Kaanapali, your unforgettable zipline experience is just down the road!

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