Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden MauiWhy have we skipped this so many times?

Seriously, we've been to Hana dozens of times, and we've always driven right past the Garden of Eden Arboretum and Botanical Garden. In building this website and videos, we decided to check it out. WOW! This place is amazing. It's a must-see in our book.

The grounds are immaculately maintained with great ocean views, all kinds of photo opportunities, an art gallery, visitor center, and views of inaccessible waterfalls. This is the kind of place I'd like to be wheeled out to on my deathbed. True serenity.


Waterfall and Mango TreeWhat do you see?

Some of the highlights include:

  • 100 Year Old Mango Tree
  • Local Art Gallery
  • Duck Pond and Bird Feeding area
  • Keopuka Rock Overlook (as seen in Jurassic Park opening)
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Banana Patch
  • Anthorium Garden
  • Upper Puohokamoa Waterfalls (restricted access, so your only way of viewing the falls legally is from here)

Keopuka RockWhat does the admission cost go towards?

As of October 2012, admission is $15 per person ($10 Kama'aina). This is well worth the experience. It goes towards the constant maintenance of the grounds and trails. They receive no public funding and they appreciate any additional assistance via garden benefactors.

Below, we've scanned the map they give out. On it, you'll see just how large the area is and just how much they offer there. it's worth the trip, but prepare to kill at least an hour there.

Garden of Eden Map

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