Prepare for an unforgettable journey to Heavenly Hana!

Your first decision: Should you do a van tour or drive yourself to Hana.

Both have advantages: When driving, you travel at your own pace and can stay overnight. On the other hand, van tours have expert guides driving for you, so you can focus solely on enjoying the ride.

For more information and checklists, choose one of the two options.

Drive to Hana
road to Hana van tours

The best way to do the Road to Hana:

The Road to Hana is more than just a great drive through a beautiful area of Maui. Most visitors tend to zip to and from Hana with a checklist of sights to photograph. This is the wrong way to do it. Do your due diligence beforehand, decide on a few locations that look the most intriguing, and take your time at each location.

In order to truly experience Hana, it helps to know more about the history and legends of the area. You may find out that there are legendary stories associated with each spot where Gods have left their mark and historic battles have been fought.

Transport yourself not only to Hana, but back in time to the historic moments and legendary tales that shape the islands.


A few things to consider:

Hana CD Guide

Find all the best spots at your own pace to Hana.

Stop for Snacks

Grab some snacks, drinks and a picnic lunch at Kuau Store.

Stay The Night

The best way to experience Hana is to stay in Hana.

Maui Car Rentals

Find a great price on a convertible, van or jeep.

Luxury Tour Vans

Leave the driving to an expert guide.

Flights to Hana

Car sick? You can be to Hana in 20 minutes from OGG.