Hana Tour Tips

1. Wear something comfortable

The large, luxury vans at Valley Isle Excursions are spacious with A/C, large individual reclining captain chairs and big panoramic windows. You'll be spending much of the day driving, so be comfortable. Also, bring a swim suit. Swimming at 'Ohe'o Gulch's waterfalls is something you don't want to miss.

2. Bring a fully-charged camera

When driving, your seat is elevated to give you a great view for photographs while traveling the Road to Hana giving you opportunities to shoot great photos all day. As you stop at each scenic area, you'll want a camera to take photos. Make sure it's charged and has extra space on the cards or extra film. Hawaii Camera offers professional quality rental packages of all types, including landscape, surf, underwater kits and more. Call (808) 735-3838 or visit HawaiiCamera.com for more info.

3. Book Direct and Online for a discount

We find the best prices are online from the tour provider directly. You can book Valley Isle Excursions online for a $10 discount, or by calling (877) 871-5224.

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Rent professional camera gear to capture the Maui's breathaking beauty.

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